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Recently completed the rebuild of the only varnished Winter Harbor Knockabout circa 1907 (see MBH&H issue 95, June/July 2007, http://www.maineboats.com/print/issue-95). The rebuild included backbone repairs, frames, deck frame, new deck, re-planking of the topsides and complete refinishing inside and out […] Read More

Spring 2013 brought to the completion major hull repairs, new teak deck and systems updates to a beautiful Swan 45 deep keel sailing yacht. Over the winter of 2011, our Carpentry and Fiberglass Shops performed an extensive core and outer skin replacement to the starboard quarter damaged in an accident with a Baltic 51.  The extremely thin skins and lightweight […] Read More

The Sea Coast Mission’s boat Sunbeam was hauled on our outside railway for a complete paint job.  While she was on the ways, our carpenters tied up the loose ends of an ongoing ship’s office upgrade for the medical staff […] Read More

A complete rebuild and restoration of a vintage varnished mahogany 22 ft. Chris Craft Cadet built in the 1920s. This rebuild included a complete new bottom, keel, forefoot, transom, deck and interior. Where the boat was intended to be “dry boated”, a modern cold molded mahogany bottom was installed, with the inner layer running in […] Read More